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Field of service

Field of Service Autobiography Psychotherapy Private practice


for children and adults. 
Psychoanalytic Therapy - a professional method of support and treatment for:
- mental and behavioral disorders;
- emotional and behavioral problems;
  • Diagnosis of mental development of children and adults
  • Therapy for Speech and communication disorders for  children and adults;
  • Counseling and Psychotherapy of children with Special Educational Needs;
  • Difficulty in managing losses and failures;
  • Problems in  interpersonal relations;
  • Anxiety, depression, behavior disorders and self-esteem, Eating Disorders, sleeping, etc.;
  • Inability to work and concentrate;
  • Phobias, depression, panic attacks, aggressiveness;
  • Infertility;
  • Foster Care;
  • Psychotherapy, consultation in English language.
2. Psychological Consultation and Diagnostics
- Psychological and pedagogical status
- Psychological diagnostics capabilities, interests, etc.;
- Career guidance and ext.;
- Mobile counseling;
- Psychological Consulting and psychotherapy for English speaking.
  • Teaching  and support to children with Special Educational Needs;
  • Language learning programs for children and adults;
  • Training and supervision;
  • Groups experience;
  • Formation for psychologists, psychotherapists and others.
The methodology  is  highly professional and is in accordance with international and European standards for education, counseling and psychotherapy.
Client-centered approach is integrated and includes an assessment of the psychological situation and needs, selecting adequate consultation or therapeutic care. The center provides opportunities for short-term counseling and long-term therapeutic work with different intensity and size (Group Psychotherapy, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy individual).
I work  in partnership with different organizations at national and international level to provide psychosocial services and additional training. 
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